Why Are We The UK’s Number 1 Resource

At Web Design Review we proudly believe we are the UK’s number 1 resource for individuals/businesses in the market to hire a web design agency. Our thorough research saves them the time and the hassle.

We place great emphasis not only the ability of web design companies in the UK, but also their professional responsibility – that is to say, how they prioritise what will add value and be economical for a business.

We’ve discovered extremely talented agencies that can create stunning websites, but websites that fail to provide any return on investment to the client. In some cases, hiring the wrong company can sink a business venture before it has had chance to get off the ground.

Why We Believe We’re The UK’s Number 1 Resource?

There is no doubt, saying we are the UK’s number 1 resource for web design customers is a bold claim. And it isn’t one we take lightly. Yet we know that no other resource providing the service reviewing web design companies that we do receives as much traffic every month. But how do we know this?

Evaluating The Statement

As we say, we’re the UK’s number 1 based on traffic relating to web design month on month. We evaluate this bi-annually, in January and July. Doing so is quite a complex process so we’ve taken it step by step.

Step One: Who Are We Comparing Ourselves To?

In order for us to do this we first have to understand what other resources in the UK are are available online to search for a UK based website design company.

Our research starts by entering ‘Find A Website Design Company’ into a Google search, as the link below allows you to:

We then evaluate all the results on the top 10 pages on Google. The reason we only search through the first 10 pages is because the industry recognises anything appearing after Page Ten as unimportant.

Next, we work through each result and discount ones that are offering a service that is not specifically listing or reviewing web design companies.

After filtering through all the search results, we find the below websites to compare with:

  1. https://www.whichwebdesigncompany.com/
  2. https://www.expertmarket.co.uk/web-design/best-web-design-company-for-your-small-business
  3. https://webdesigners.freeola.com/
  4. https://www.webdesignrankings.com/best-web-design-companies/
  5. https://www.approvedindex.co.uk/web-designers
  6. https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-best-way-to-find-clients-for-a-web-design-development-company-you-want-to-start
  7. https://www.websitedesignerprices.co.uk
  8. https://www.websitebuilderexpert.com/where-to-find-freelance-website-designer-developer/
  9. http://www.ukwda.org/

Step Two: Evaluating Traffic On Each Website

The next part of the process is to discover how much traffic each website received the previous month, in this instance December 2017.

In order to do so we have used the industry leading website www.semrush.com, which has a tool to evaluate the amount of traffic a website receives.

Step Three: Discover Traffic To www.webdesignreview.com

Before we can begin the process of comparing traffic, we need to know our own traffic. This link brings up the screen below: https://www.semrush.com/uk/info/webdesignreview.co.uk

print screen of the traffic analytics on SEM Rush for Web Design Review

In the red box at the very top of the screen we can see we are analysing www.webdesignreview.co.uk. The red oval contains the traffic figures for the previous month, December 2017. This reveals the website received 1,411 visitors.

Step Four: Evaluate The Other Nine Websites

1) whichwebdesigncompany.com

Having first ascertained that the above website was UK based and listed UK based web designers we again turned to SEM Rush to analyse the traffic stats. The link is as follows – https://www.semrush.com/uk/info/whichwebdesigncompany.com

print screen of the traffic analytics on SEM Rush for whichwebdesigncompany.com

In the red box at the very top of the screen we can see we are analysing whichwebdesigncompany.co.uk. The red oval contains the traffic figures for the previous month, December 2017. This reveals the website received 311 visitors.

2) expertmarket.com

Our first checks reveal that this website has huge amounts of worldwide traffic, but then we reach the same analytic page on SEM Rush – https://www.semrush.com/uk/info/expertmarket.com

print screen of the traffic analytics on SEM Rush for expertmarket.com

We can see we are analysing the domain in the red box at the top. And now we have drilled down into the traffic on the site in the UK, we can see that 438 visited it in December 2017 from the UK.

3) webdesigners.freeola.com

Working out the traffic on a website like freeola.com, and the proportion using it as a web design resource is a little more complex.

Firstly, we look at https://www.semrush.com/uk/info/freeola.com+(by+organic)

print screen of the traffic analytics on SEM Rush for freeola.com

The red box at the top again shows the website we are analysing, and we can see in the red circle that there were 61336 visitors in December 2017. However, this is across the full website, rather than only the web design resource.

Next, we consider this page, which shows their traffic for web design related searches: https://www.semrush.com/uk/info/freeola.com+(by+organic)?filter=%2B%7CPh%7CCo%7Cweb+design&page=1&sort=traffic_desc

print screen of SEM Rush analytics screen for freeola.com showing percentages of traffic relating to the web design industry
The red circle highlights how we have drilled down into the analytics to find the visitors related to ‘Web Design’. The green oval shows what percentage of the overall traffic was related to Web Design.

Working down the list we add all the percentages together and can then see that roughly 0.15% of their 61335 visitors are to their web design resource. This means less than 100 visitors are using freeola.com to look for web design companies.

4) webdesignrankings.com

Using the link, we can check the visitors as we have ascertained the website covers the UK market. https://www.semrush.com/uk/info/www.webdesignrankings.com

print screen of the traffic analytics on SEM Rush for webdesignrankings.com

As one can see Web Design Rankings received 15 visitors in December 2017.

5) aprovedindex.co.uk

We can see below that approvedindex.co.uk received over 4,500 visitors in December 2017, which is substantially more than our site, www.webdesignreview.co.uk: https://www.semrush.com/uk/info/www.approvedindex.co.uk

print screen of the traffic analytics on SEM Rush for approvedindex.co.uk

However, approvedindex.co.uk visitors are looking for far more resources than web design. So, we then research how many of their visitors are looking for a web designer: https://www.semrush.com/uk/info/approvedindex.co.uk+(by+organic)?filter=%2B%7CPh%7CCo%7Cweb+design&page=1

print screen of SEM Rush analytics page showing percentages of traffic on approvedindes.co.uk who were looking at web design

When the share of traffic related to Web Design is added together we reach a figure of roughly 1.5% of all approvedindex.co.uk ‘s traffic is related to this area. This leads us to a figure of roughly 65.

6) quora.com

Quora.com are not a UK based company and operate from California. They are also a member only platform. Therefore, we have discounted their traffic figures

7) websitedesigneerprices.co.uk

As with the UK based websites we’ve researched above, this link provides the traffic analytics: https://www.semrush.com/uk/info/www.websitedesignerprices.co.uk

print screen of the traffic analytics on SEM Rush for websitedesignerprices.co.uk

We can see that in December 2017 www.websitedesignerprices.co.uk received 609 visitors.

8) websitebuilderexpert.com/where-to-find-freelance-website-designer-developer

When we researched www.websitebuilderexpert.com we found it is an American site and only contains information on companies based in the US and is therefore not relevant to the UK consumer.

9) ukwda.org

Again, we’ve researched the traffic statistics using this link: https://www.semrush.com/uk/info/ukwda.org

print screen of the traffic analytics on SEM Rush for ukwda.org

We can see that the www.ukwda.org website received 1,309 visitors in December which is less than www.webdesignreview.co.uk.

The Results

The table below provides a summary of the figures for UK traffic related to web design in December 2017:

table with summary of traffic for 10 web design websites in December 2017
As we can see above we have provided evidence that of the 10 websites on Google’s first 10 pages, www.webdesignreview.co.uk is the most used UK based resource based on figures in December 2017. We review this bi-annually to ensure we remain the most used resource by internet users searching for web design companies.


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